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On the inside, every Pattison LED digital signage display is engineered to operate flawlessly, using a unique internal signal path that pushes content to the display via loop communication backup and a dedicated CPU driving each tile. This coupled with cutting edge diagnostics, advanced cooling fan design, and state-of-the-art power management technology ensures worry-free operation and year-round performance in all environments.

Pattison’s flexible digital display manufacturing process allows for either front or rear service depending upon your application for a wide variety of installation methods, such as wall-mount, hanging, and stacking. We design and manufacture indoor and outdoor LED digital signage, so we can adapt the display to fit the installation site.

Our design and implementation team will execute your vision flawlessly. Contact us today to get a quote on your custom LED digital signage display.

Menu Boards & Drive Thru Systems

We provide the right solution for the growing quick serve restaurant industry. Cost is the biggest reason that quick serve restaurants (QSR) have yet to go digital, but the ROI may surprise you! Digital drive-thru menu boards improve customer experience and allow for easier customizability, so you can present an accurate, up-to-date menu to your drive-thru customers.

Our indoor digital signage is also the perfect solution for your interior menu boards. Change menu items quickly and highlight limited-time options or other new products.

LED Displays (EMC) Icon

LED Displays (EMC)

Our LED digital signage services include EMC displays, which communicate all the information you’d like your customers to have. We stand behind our high-quality LED displays to make your signage stand out.

Pattison Digital presents a visually impressive LED display that delivers a remarkably bright, HDR-quality image with high colour contrast and vibrant graphics using an exceptional 1.15 quintillion colour palate. A blazing fast 1920 Hz refresh rate provides an ultra-smooth 60 FPS playback and 20-bit colour processing. These features all work together to deliver stunning visuals and content.

Digital Signage Case Study
Digital Signage Case Study
Digital Signage Case Study
Digital Signage Case Study

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DEX is a digital agency bringing the best senior digital experts together. You can count on solid resources that include Business StrategistsProduct SpecialistsContent CreatorsCMS ExpertsSpecialized Project Managers, with the support of 8 offices and 3 production plants across North America.

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