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Who we are


 Pattison Sign Group has been putting customers first for over 100 years. Our people are empowered to understand your vision, partner with you, and use our passion and expertise to bring your brand to life through innovative solutions.

History of growth


Acquired Neon Products.
The Jim Pattison Group’s acquisition launched a new leader in sign and visual communications.


Acquired Claude Neon.
Our segment of the industry grew with the acquisition of this pioneering signage company.


Acquired Cummings.
Growth continued with the acquisition of one of Canada’s signage leaders.


Acquired Enseignes Imperial.
Acquiring this New Brunswick-based company increased our Canadian footprint from coast to coast.


Established U.S. Business Unit Knoxville. 
Strengthening our position throughout North America solidified Pattison Sign Group as a leader in complete signage and branding solutions.


Acquired Davis Neon in Heath Springs, South Carolina.
Increased our manufacturing footprint with a state of the art 150,000 square foot facility.

Our Vision and Commitment

To be the leader in fulfilling our Customer’s brand. Our commitment is to provide our customers with innovative branding products and services of the highest quality through the experience and creativity of our people and our pledge to sustainable development.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

Pattison Sign Group 
Corporate Sustainability Report 

The World is changing. Technology developments, social attitudes, health awareness, amongst other issues, are accelerating the shifts in wants and needs of customers. Pattison Sign Group is not indifferent to this situation.

Customer Satisfaction

We are totally committed to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Truth and honesty are fundamental to who we are and how we conduct our business relationships.


We are a recognized leader for quality & high environmental standards.


We strive to create a collaborative workspace where employees are encouraged to share new ideas, overcome roadblocks and discuss best practices with the end goal of bringing maximum value to our clients.


Cultivating an innovative mindset is critical to bolstering creativity and anticipating changes both internally and in the marketplace.

Strong, Steady, and Proud

Your Pattison Sign Group Executive Team

Marco Calabretta-Duval - Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer

Marco Calabretta-Duval


Joel Daurity - Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer (US)

Joel Daurity

President & Chief Operating Officer (US)

Nadia Palmerini - Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Nadia Palmerini

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Robert Corsetti - Senior Vice-President Business Development & Innovation

Robert Corsetti

Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (Canada)

Jacque Duguay - Vice-President Customer Experience

Jacque Duguay

Vice-President of Corporate Services

Jacque Duguay - Vice-President Customer Experience

Saher Sayed

Director Human Resources

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