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Simplify your finances and get into market faster, with everything from maintenance to insurance included in one comprehensive solution.

Our leasing solutions are customized to your needs

Pattison Sign Group leasing is an all-inclusive solution for your sign leasing needs. We provide customized leasing solutions for signage with flexible payment plans, alternative financing and customized maintenance plans. Our sign lease plans include capital financing, maintenance, insurance and administration. Alternative financing to bank loans with no collateral requirements or impact on bank covenants. US personal property tax fillings and US sales & use tax remittance

On Call Service

– Property and personal injuries insurance including vandalism with no client loss claims and deductibles
– Program lease portfolio outsourcing assume management of signage termination, relocation and removals. Client maintains control over branded signage image changes

What We Offer

– Planning and survey costs

– Brand books, site surveys, and code checks

– All upfront signage and product costs

– Installation and labor costs

– Cleaning

– Repair and replacement of damage caused by vandalism, weather, or accidents

– Insurance for damage

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