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Your brand’s look and feel reflects the quality of its products or services, its purpose and personality, and its ability to connect with your customers. Your brand needs great facility branding.

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Our Experience.

Recognized as one of the largest full-service branding companies in North America, PSG offers a wide range of comprehensive branding solutions and services to customers in various industries–automotive dealerships, quick service restaurants, financial, retail, healthcare, petroleum, and more.

  • Fully Engineered and Tested Wall Panel Systems
  • Specializing in prefabricated architectural elements and canopies
  • Design Assist, Program Development and Value Engineering Services
  • Digital LiDAR Scanning and Field
  • Dimensioning Services
  • Intelligent 3D Modeling and Manufacturing
  • Customization and design expertise
  • Comprehensive project management
  • Innovative materials and technology
  • Multi-location expertise
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Installation and maintenance capabilities
  • Industry experience and reputation
  • Guided by your brand’s key principles and our extensive knowledge and experience in physical branded environments, we turn smart ideas into amazing products.


    • ACM Fascia Canopy Systems
    • ACM Architectural Panelwall
    • Interlocking Corrugated Panels
    • BR Decking

    Unlock your brand’s potential with FBC

    • Enhance brand identity
    • Increase brand recognition
    • Differentiate from competitors
    • Reinforce messaging and communication
    • Provide a professional appearance
    • Improve customer experience
    • Support employee engagement

    What we do.

    Combining creativity, innovation, and customer service excellence, PSG is delivering strategic signage, facility branding, digital, and maintenance solutions to leading brands across North America. Beyond signage, discover more.


    Facility branding and construction (FBC)

    Digital experiences (DEX)

    Maintenance services

    Leasing services

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