Deliver personalized content to your customers with cutting-edge experiential digital solutions.

Your brand is more than a logo, and more than an advertisement. Connect your brand with your preferred audience efficiently and effectivily with a quickly growing footbrint of digital solutions to share relevent and personalized content to your customers.

Maximize the impact of your display content. 

Deliver real-time and custom content, and promote new and limited-time offers. 

Schedule the right content any time of day, in real-time or in advance, and update as often as needed.

Manage your network remotely and tap into data to to gain insight about your audience and campaign measurement.

You want your custmers to be loyal to your brand, and there’s no better way to deliver the right message at the right time than with branded digital content. We’re redefining how digital menu boards elevate the customer experience.


Ensure your key brand values are visually represented.


End-to-end product development services under one roof.


Solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.


Early design exploration and prototyping for a seemless install. 


Your transformative branded environment from start to finish.


A vast netwok of service crews coast to coast protects your brand.

DEX is a full-service provider of digital content and digital signage solutions. 

Combining creativity, innovation, and customer service excellence, PSG is delivering strategic signage, facility branding, digital, and maintenance solutions to leading brands across North America. Discover more.


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