PSG supplies COVID-19 social distancing and
protection products:

Dear valued customers:

The current global pandemic has raised awareness of the transmission of viral diseases through communal contact to a new level. We know that many essential businesses continue to operate and that the health and safety of employees and customers is front of mind. Pattison Sign Group is pleased to be able to offer a range of products designed to help you in your goal to keep both your employees and customers safe.

FLOOR GRAPHICS – Vinyl floor graphics placed at intervals to indicate the recommended social distancing (approximately 2m apart) and direct traffic flow. Standard or customizable sizes and graphics are available.

SANITARY AWARENESS POSTERS – Illustrated wall mounted or suspended posters to heighten awareness of the proper procedures and precautions in place to practice public safety measures.

INFORMATIONAL PANELS – Free-standing, portable, light weight units used to convey your customized messages such as hours of operation, directional information or community messaging.

TRANSPARENT COUNTER SHIELDS – Free standing, movable countertop shields available in two standard sizes create a barrier when close contact is necessary and unavoidable. The high-quality material will allow for frequent, repeated cleaning with minimal clouding or scratching.

For more information on these products and pricing or for any other custom needs you may have please contact your PSG representative.

Thank you!

COVID-19 Protection Products