Hartford HealthCare

Hartford HealthCare was looking for a single vendor to develop sign standards and a cost-effective process for the manufacturing and installation of signage across more than 273 facilities and sites. That vendor became Pattison Sign Group.

Offering our customers cost effective solutions

Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive health care network. With more than 273 facilities and sites, Pattison Sign Group led the development of brand standards and created a cost effective manufacturing and installation process.

We maintained Hartford HealthCare’s brand standards and guidelines through value engineering, resulting in the production of highly sustainable signage. The process of ordering new signs and maintaining inventory was streamlined with the use of E-Pattison, our web based sign management system. By centralizing this process we were able to offer Hartford HealthCare a cost effective solution for sign manufacturing and installation.

Our reliable and experienced team met Hartford HealthCare’s needs by providing them with exceptional service and expertise. This dedication led us to quickly gain the trust, confidence and respect of key stakeholders within Hartford HealthCare.

Hartford HealthCare


I have worked with numerous external partners over the past 15 years, and I have never worked with a company as dedicated and responsive as Pattison Sign Group.

Amy Hickey
VP, Branding and Marketing

Hartford HealthCare
Hartford HealthCare Building
Hartford HealthCare Building
Hartford HealthCare Building
Hartford HealthCare Building

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