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We are physical branding experts and leaders in QSR signage transforming your customer’s experience.

 Thank you for visiting PSG at the recent McDonald’s of Canada Convention in Toronto. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you, and being a partner in the evolution of your restaurant. 

Our comprehensive, turnkey services.

Combining creativity, innovation, and customer service excellence, PSG is delivering strategic signage, facility branding, digital, and maintenance solutions to leading brands across North America.


You express a lot about your brand through the design. With our expertise playing an important role, we interpret the needs of your audience, identify the right opportunities for innovation, and use our deep understanding of the materials of design.


Together, physical and digital represent effective methods for inspiring customers to act. In helping to generate interest and commitment from consumers, PSG controls quality and costs by manufacturing the majority of its solutions in-house.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to branding but when facing a rebrand or brand refresh program, expert guidance and a hands-on approves proves to be a winning combo.


Our turnkey solutions are provided services that start from strategy and ideation and are ready to use when a physical branding program is implemented. No step is missed ensuring your brand remains visible.

You are an industry leader setting an example for others to follow.

Signage is the first opportunity for businesses to make an impression on in-person visitors. PSG is redefining physical branding standards driven by design-forward thinking and decades of experience. With a network of our own crews, keeping your brand’s presence running smoothly has never been easier. We give signage the consideration it deserves… for your business and your customers.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Noted graphic designer Paul Rand said it best, and we couldn’t agree more. With an impactful design, you’re helping your restaurant outperform the competition. A good design conveys your message in the most effective way.

We leverage our collective talents to implement the latest advancements of our industry, supporting your brand at every corner.


Whether your business is in the automotive, financial, retail, healthcare, quick service restaurant, or any other industry, our branded environments are setting the stage for experiences that connect.


We’re helping businesses improve confidence, satisfaction, and loyalty throughout the customer experience with complete, engaging, and connected digital experiences. It’s a shift to total experience.


Make an excellent first impression and communicate your brand’s personality clearly with exterior and interior signage programs. With our expertise, brands can create a strategy that will guide their customers as they move from transactional to relevant experiences.


Equipment sometimes fails. Natural disasters are unavoidable. Accidents happen. To ensure your brand is always “on”, we provide a host of reactive, scheduled, and emergency maintenance options to minimize downtime and protect your brand.

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