Maintenance & Leasing

Sustain your brand’s image with flexible, comprehensive maintenance service.

Your brand’s image is more than its logo. It makes an impression on consumers, creates recognition, and builds credibility. With preventive maintenance, emergency repairs, and scheduled and reactive servicing, you’re protecting your brand at every corner to keep the customer experience running smoothly.

The benefits of our maintenance services for your brand:

  • Extend the life of your branded assets and minimize liability due to unreported damage

  • Identify non-compliant signage

  • Protect brand image

  • Peace of mind

Equipment sometimes fails. Natural disasters are unavoidable. Accidents happen. To ensure your brand is always “on”, we provide a host of reactive, scheduled, and emergency maintenance options to minimize downtime and protect your brand.


Ensure your key brand values are visually represented.


End-to-end product development services under one roof.


Solutions tailored specifically to your business needs.


Early design exploration and prototyping for a seemless install. 


Your transformative branded environment from start to finish.


A vast netwok of service crews coast to coast protects your brand.

Behind the scenes, we manage your brand assets and thoroughly take care of them to ensure functionality, safety, and efficiency. 

Combining creativity, innovation, and customer service excellence, PSG is delivering strategic signage, facility branding, digital, and maintenance solutions to leading brands across North America. Discover more.


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