The most recent racist attacks on members of the Black community have sparked worldwide protests and outrage. These racist actions have highlighted the discrimination, marginalization, and violence people of colour encounter daily in our society. This reality is unacceptable, and we at Pattison Sign Group, are proud to stand up in support of all initiatives, especially “Black Lives Matter”, to end systematic racism, discrimination, violence and all other forms of inequality in our society.

Systematic racism is an unfortunate reality, one we can and will change with a strong commitment at all levels of society. As Business Leaders, it is important we continue to listen to diverse voices, engage in meaningful dialogue and educate ourselves in order to become champions for racial equity in our boardrooms, communities and nations.

Pattison Sign Group is a proudly diverse company and we remain firm in our commitment to foster a supportive, safe and inclusive organization. Division makes us smaller and weaker at a time when strength and collaboration is required given the pain so many people face. The journey to racial equality is a long and difficult one, and we are committed to taking that journey with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to see how much more connects us than separates us.